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Casa Segura has been made possible by an artist residency and grant from Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, a Future of the Present grant from Franklin Furnace and faculty grants from Bennington College.

Many thanks to the following for insightful collaboration, help and support!

Blake Goble, Alberto Morackis, Guadalupe Serrano, Paola Sanguinetti, Ryan Moran, Carlo Montagnino, Jamie Wilkinson, Sonia Perez Villanueva, Angie Ang, Amanda Gould, Amanda Mcdonald Crowley, Michael Mandiberg, Jamie O'Shea, Betty Goble, Mouna Andraos, Nina Chernik, Ann Foker, Louise Loening, Laurie Perez, John Umphlett and Jeff Feddersen.

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