Desert Deaths on the rise...

I don't want to go on being just a root in the shadows,
vacillating, extended, shivering with dream,
down in the damp bowels of earth,
absorbing it, thinking it, eating it every day.

-Pablo Neruda from 'Walking Around'

Border issues in the news...

There's been a spike in desert deaths, and it's not just men dying. The Pima County medical examiner's office is seeing the remains of more women than ever.

In just six months, 150 people have died in Pima County after illegally crossing the U.S./Mexican border. Of that number, nearly 40 are women, and that's a number no agency has seen before.

As of Thursday, 39 women have illegally entered Pima County and died.

"There's no way to describe it other than the way we do. It's a human rights crisis; I mean it really it is," said Kat Rodriguez coordinator for Derechos Humanos.

Full article from KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona