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Do it yourself!

If you are interested in the Casa Segura design or in building one for yourself, you can find architectural plans and all specifications here.

There are many options in terms of constructing your own version of Casa Segura. We encourage you to be creative and amend our designs for your particular needs.

You can also scale the project to suit your situation–placing basic necessities into a plastic cooler or tub can also serve to help save the lives of those crossing your property.

…Download architectural plans [pdf]

Solar System
To power the computing technology and light inside the structure, we are using solar panels mounted to the roof of the structure and a battery located inside for storing the energy.

We used 2 Sharp 80 Watt NE-80E1U photovoltaic modules.

For the battery we chose the Xantrex Technologies XPower Powerpack 1,500-Watt Portable Backup Power System.

For charge control between the solar panels and battery, we are using theMorningstar Sunsaver-10L 12volt.

Our system was informed by conversations with Jeff Feddersen.

Computing Technology
The basic requirements for the Casa Segura pictogram interface is that you have a computer that connects to the internet and has the Adobe Flash player installed.

Our computer is currently a Mac mini and the monitor is an Apple 20″ Cinema display.*

The touch screen used is Magic Touch by Keytec Inc.

For the internet connection, we recommend the Meraki wireless networking system.

We will provide you with the Casa Segura Pictogram interface free of charge.Email us.

*There are certainly more cost effective systems that can be used for the interface and we encourage you to investigate low-cost PC systems with less expensive displays.

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