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Those who made this project possible…

Casa Segura is an artwork by Robert Ransick

Robert Ransick is an artist who works in a wide range of media and has exhibited in New York City at such venues as Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, Exit Art, Storefront for Art and Architecture, the Howard Greenberg Gallery and White Box Gallery. In addition he has shown at The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Illinois and at the Palazzo delle Esposizione in Rome, Italy, among others. He has received funding from Franklin Furnace and the Mellon Foundation and has been an artist in residence at Eyebeam Center for Art and technology. He has worked as a curator and cultural producer in collaboration with Creative Time, the Aperture Foundation, and Blindspot. He is a co-creator of the Blur conferences and other events focused on current creative practices in digital art and culture. Previously, he was the Director of the Photography Department and the Director of the Computer Instruction Center at The New School. He has taught at The School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, and The New School for Social Research. BFA, Photography With Honors, The School of Visual Arts; MA, Media Studies, The New School for Social Research. He is currently a full-time faculty member in digital arts at Bennington College. Member of the media collective Screensavers Group. He is currently a full-time faculty member in digital arts at Bennington College. Member of the media collective Screensavers Group.

Robert Ransick lives and works primarily in New York City, but spends a great deal of time in Southern Arizona and Vermont.

In collaboration with…

Blake Goble

Practicing architect in New York City and Arizona. His firm, B Space Architecture + Design, concentrates on diverse projects: built work, competitions and theoretical exercises. B Space explores space, its representations, its cultural and psychological subtexts and its power to both physically connect bodies or territories and construct metaphoric relationships. Blake is an instructor at the New School and is a frequent review jurist at Columbia University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. M.Arch., Columbia University 1993, B.S., Arizona State University 1988.

Blake Goble grew up on the border of Mexico in Southern Arizona and currently resides in New York City.

Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano

Yonke Arte Público, devoted to public art projects, was initiated by Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano in 1996. It’s based in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, which shares a border with Arizona, the United States. Since then, Yonke has put together over 25 works, including murals and sculptures, in Nogales and other parts of the state of Sonora, Mexico, Arizona, US, and Manitoba Canada.

One of Yonkes purposes is to rescue public spaces from commercial and political propaganda. Marked by the context of the border, many of their projects utilize the physical wall that divides the United States and Mexico, with the goal of challenging its functions and promoting dialogue between communities about the complexities of daily life in border towns.

Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano are both self-taught artists who live and work in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Paola Sanguinetti

Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Kansas. Paola has a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and she is currently on leave from Kansas to pursue her PhD studies in Design Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Paola Sanguinetti has had many awards for excellence in teaching and has been a guest design critic at reviews various schools including Yale University, Columbia University, and Stanford University. The work of her students has received national awards including the latest honorable mention in the Architectural Record Competition for new housing prototypes in New Orleans. Paola is the director of a Study Abroad program in Latin America, where various urban and rural environments are studied including various shanty towns in Rio de Janeiro. It is important to note that Paola is a Citizen of Venezuela and Permanent Resident of the United States. She is committed in her teaching to present students a realistic view of the culture, architecture, and diversity of Latin America.

Paola Sanguinetti’s research interests include Building Information Modeling, Parametric Modeling and Animations as research tools, and interactive platforms as they relate to architecture.

Paola Sanguinetti has had several articles published in the journals of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. She recently presented a paper at the Sigradi Conference on Vision and Visualization in Lima, Peru. Her latest article titled: Time-Based Media in Teaching and in Research will be published in the IJAC on-line journal this fall.

Paola Sanguinetti grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ryan Moran

Senior at Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont. His areas of focus include electronic music, digital video, and physical computing. He has interned at Harvestworks in New York City and had an audio installation at the Atrium Sound Space at the Santa Fe College this past fall. He is a self-proclaimed nerd and has the skills to prove it.

Carlo Montagnino

Is a junior web developer for Advomatic and Subsidiary Design. Studied under Michael Mandiberg. Performs stand-up comedy, plays hockey, enjoys leaving pronouns out of sentences, guitar hero.

Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie is a genius. He now works at Rocket Boom, but still swings by Eyebeam (and fixes everyone’s projects.) He’s engaged, lucky girl. Everybody loves Jamie…

Sonia Perez Villanueva

Perez, a scholar of Spanish Golden Age literature and comparative literature studies, has most recently been working on the life and writing of Mariana Alcoforado, a 17th century Portuguese nun with an unusually dramatic life. She has taught at the University of Birmingham, UK and has worked as a translator in the Portuguese, Spanish, and Basque languages. BA, MA, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria (Spain); PhD candidate, University of Birmingham (UK). She teaches at Bennington College at the Isabelle Kaplan Center for Languages and Cultures.

Many thanks to the following for help and support!

Angie Ang, Amanda Gould, Amanda Mcdonald Crowley, Michael Mandiberg, Jamie O’Shea, Betty Goble, Mouna Andraos, Nina Chernik, Ann Foker, Louise Loening, Laurie Perez, John Umphlett and Jeff Feddersen.

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