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Casa Segura in the press…

We welcome inquiries from the press or from bloggers.

Please let us know if you require any additional information or images.

Thank you for your interest.


10.16.07 – We Make Money Not Art Interview with Régine Debatty.
Thanks Régine!

10.17.07 – Boing Boing

10.19.07 – Latinopundit

10.20.07 – World Changing

10.20.07 – Appropriate Technology Roundup 10/19/07 AIDG Blog [Appropriate Technology, Development, Environment]

10.23.07 – Bennington Banner

10.30.07 – Artkrush

11.2.07 – I was interviewed this morning by Nora Young, Host of Spark on Canadian public radio. The show will air November 14th and 17th. It will be available online beginning November 14th.

3.6.08 – Review of the exhibition Land Wars at the Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts in the New Zealand Herald

10.20.11 – Casa Segura in Melenio.

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